Guest Designer

Diane Marsland

Diane Marsland

Diane’s work has been described as beautiful, whimsical, decorative and intricate. Her hand painted designs are flamboyant with a stunning colour palette; sometime subtle, sometime quirky and always unique with the wow factor. Her contemporary take on traditional design brings a new lease of life to classical textiles. Her artwork ranges from classic archive style florals to impressionistic techniques and most recently oriental chinoiserie styles, all championing the traditional hand painting techniques of pattern design for varied styles of interiors.

In 2019 we welcomed Diane Marsland as our first guest designer. We were captivated by her hand painted decorative and unique murals and immediately wanted to join forces, henceforth, Natsuki and Opium were born. Both Traditional with a contemporary twist, made for a perfect collaboration with our modern Utopia Collections.

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