Will I receive an order confirmation once my order has been placed?

Yes, as long as we have an up to date and current email address for you on your trade account an automatic email will be sent to you confirming what you have ordered, the meterage, costs and delivery addresses (please do check your junk/spam, sometimes we unfortunately fall into there). 


How do I clean/care for my fabric?

Professional dry cleaning is recommended every 12 months for your home furnishings. Keep curtains and furnishing fabrics dust free by regular, gentle vacuuming with the appropriate attachment. This may reduce the need for washing and dry-cleaning.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the correct cleaning method is used. Careful and regular maintenance is required to prolong the life and appearance of soft furnishings.

Spot cleaning should be avoided. Do not rub as this may remove some colour. We do not recommend the use of cleaning products that contain bleaching or brightening agents.

Loose covers should be washed at 30°C max on a short cycle. Do not tumble dry, line dry. Do not clean removable cushions or arm caps separately as this is likely to result in a noticeable shade difference.


Can I order a sample?

If you have a trade account with us, please log in to our website, this will allow you to place an order for up to 6 samples from across our ranges.

If you do not have a trade account with us, please give us a call on 01200 427744 and we will point you in the direction of your nearest shop/trade account.


Do you sell to the public?

Unfortunately, we only sell to trade.

If you are looking to open a trade account, please give us a call on 01200 427744 or email info@artftheloom.co.uk and one of our sales team/local agents will be in touch.


How long will my order take?

Please be mindful that when ordering fabric, there may be a slight delay of up to ten working days.

Not only are we designing these beautiful fabrics, we are also printing them in house and making sure they are absolutely perfect for you. 

We aim to get stock fabrics out to you within 2-3 working days, these will be placed on an overnight courier.


Other Useful Information.


All fabrics crease, particularly linens and velvets.

Linens have a natural tendency to crease which adds texture to the appearance, although these creases will fall out with general use over time.

Velvet fabric on the roll should never be left standing on end as this will potentially cause permanent creasing. Small orders may come to you folded. We recommend that you un-wrap it immediately to allow the creases to fall out.



Variation of fabric widths can occur. The widths of each of our fabrics are stated on our website. When measuring any orders, please check the width of the fabric before purchasing.


Characteristics of Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics, particularly linens, can have occasional ‘slubs’ in the weave. These are part of the character of the fabric and are not faults.

These markings are most noticeable when fabric is held up to the light, if the fabrics end purpose is for curtains or blinds, we recommend the use of a good quality inter-liner to minimise the appearance.

Most importantly, simply embrace the uneven nature and unique qualities of natural fibre fabrics, as this is probably why you chose them in the first place.


Movement of Curtains

When making curtains, always allow for atmospheric movement and fluctuations in length as the result of changes in humidity and/or temperature. Natural fibre fabrics are more susceptible to the absorption of moisture and this can result in stretching or shrinking. It is reasonable to expect as much as 3% change in any curtain length. We recommend producing generous hems to allow for easy alteration and adjustment after hanging. We recommend letting the curtains hang for a period of time before completing the hems. We recommend avoiding exact length curtains. Movement of curtains is not a fault but is a naturally occurring potential side effect and no claims will be accepted.


Colour Variation

We try very hard to show accurately the colour of our fabrics on our website but some colours can be difficult to replicate. If you are unsure, please request a fabric sample. Up to 6 can be ordered FOC with a small charge for a higher amount.

Colour variations are unavoidable between batches. We cannot guarantee that current batches will match previous orders or original samples. Where colour is critical, please request a batch cutting.


Sun Fading

All fabrics will eventually fade. To reduce fading, we recommend curtains should always be lined with a good quality lining. Where sunlight is particularly strong, a blackout lining should be considered. Leading edges are often exposed to more light and may fade prematurely. We advise that the curtains are taken down annually and the side they are hung from swapped. This will ensure even exposure to light.

Upholstery fabric should be kept out of direct sunlight.


Pattern Repeats

Due to the characteristics of natural fabrics, small differences in pattern repeat will occur. When using multiple widths, please ensure before cutting that pattern matching is consistent to produce a good result. Once fabric has been cut and/or sewn, we cannot accept any claims.


Railroaded Designs

Some of our fabrics are railroaded designs. This means that the stripe runs horizontally across the width of the fabric rather than vertically up the length. This information is clearly stated on the website.